Mental Health Day & Rabbit Holes 

So, as many people may know that today is Mental Health Day and National Mental Health Week.

Sadly, regardless of all of the awareness that has been done around mental health and depression..There is still something of a stigma around talking about it or talking about feelings. With almost half of our population suffer from mental illness, or have in the past.

There is no shame in talking about feelings, nor should there be. But unfortunately, a lot of people (myself included) don’t feel comfortable with talking about deep personal feelings… Partially because it almost feels as if it’s a burden to disclose such feelings.

I personally, thought I was doing quite well until this weekend.
A close friend of mine self-harmed over the weekend. Leaving me feeling triggered and unsure what to do. I’ve been feeling triggered majorly ever since seeing the photo. BUT this afternoon I had a chat with my sisters about it, and how shitty it had made me feel. And oddly enough, I felt better.

Self-harm recovery isn’t easy, nothing ever is. I often feel triggered by the smallest things. Seeing photos of self-harm usually are the strongest triggers, but as I’ve realised the months of September to October have always been the roughest for me (for what reason I don’t know). It’s been 2 years since I’ve self-harmed and I don’t particularly want to go back down that rabbit hole.

The only thing that’s gotten me through? Myself. Oddly enough. I just need to remind myself of where I was 2 even 3 years ago and look at where I am now. I am not the same person I was… not even close. So for anyone who may be struggling with self-harm- stay positive. It will get better. That much I can guarantee. You don’t have to slip back down the rabbit hole each time you have a bad day. So keep your head above ground, and I swear it will be fine!

If this post has reached anyone (I doubt it as it’s my first) but if this has triggered you in any way. Feel free to contact me, or call Life Line on 13 11 14 and take care ❤️


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